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Registration: Sunday, July 21, 2013
Times are TBD
St. Mary's College
Notre Dame, IN 46556
A program to grow musically in a nuturing atmosphere of excellence


Strings at Winona Lake Music Camp at St. Mary's

     Strings at Winona Lake is located on the campus of St. Mary's College. Participants will be residing in Opus Apartments (#14 on map). Noble Family Dining Hall will provide an evening meal for those families and students who are staying on campus in Opus Apartments. Our classes will be held primarily at Moreau Center for the Arts (#4 on map) located on the southwest side of the campus (#25 on the map). It is a beautiful campus with a retreat-like feel. Located on the north side of South Bend just across the street from the University of Notre Dame. For more about St. Mary's College and the University of Notre Dame look on the web at: saintmarys.edu or nd.edu

     Activities will include private and semiprivate lessons, master classes, group classes for beginning, intermediate & advanced levels, solo recitals, note reading/rhythm training, chamber music and final concert open to the public. We will also have a hoedown so plan to wear cowboy/cowgirl outfits.


Recitals -  Each student will have the option to sign up for and play in one recital during the course of the week. This event is a favorite activity for many of the students. Students who would like to play in a recital, prepare a solo with their teacher and bring a copy of the piano accompaniment to camp. Each student will be assigned a recital date which will be included in your registration packet. You will be able to sign up for a practice time with the accompanist at orientation.

Chamber Music for Advanced Students - This program is available to students upon recommendation of their private lesson teacher. Students will be assigned to ensembles, which will rehearse daily. They will prepare chamber music selected specifically for them based on their registration information. If your teacher has a question about the requirements have him or her contact Debbie Barker.

What To Bring -

  • Violin, your music, piano accompaniment for solo, and a music stand.
  • Black pants for boys, black skirts for girls, black shoes, and white dress shirts. White socks or tights for the younger girls, nude nylons for older girls and black socks for the boys. This is the concert attire for the week.
  • Cowboy and Cowgirl hats and clothing for the hoedown.
  • Swimming Suits and Beach Towels.

For information contact:
Debbie Barker
Deb Barker Studio